Processing plants

Portugal, Lourinhã

Customer: Dinorações - Sociedade Produtora de Rações, SA

Project: Metallic silo for grains capacity 1.365 metric tons, intake circuit - 150 t/h and extraction circuit - 80 t/h. Update of the existing automation and supervision control system, integrating new silos.

Year: 2010

Portugal, Lisboa

Nigéria, Ilesha

Customer: IB - International Breweries, PLC

Project: Revamping of existing intake circuit for barley malt and crude grain including corresponding storage facility. Cleaning section for malt and grinding section for crude grain. Complete electrical installation, including automation and supervision.

Year: 2009

Portugal, Oliveira de Azeméis

Customer: Valente Marques, SA

Project: Reception of rice for silos. Electrical installation, automation and supervision.

Year: 2009

Customer: Cerealis - Moagens, SA

Project: Renovation of the compound flours mixing section and new packing lines; Upgrade of the existing automation, control and supervision systems; Warehouse management system with traceability and integration with SAP interface.

Year: 2007

Customer: Leonor Carrinho - Fábrica de Embalamento do Catengue