About us

About us

TECNIMIL develops industrial engineering projects in the agri-food sector of cereals and derivatives, offering solutions for the unloading and loading of ships and for storage, and providing complete processing plants and all the electrotechnical, supervision and control components of the installations.


Founded in 1988 by two brothers with experience and training in the cereals industry and following a representation agreement established with BÜHLER AG. from Switzerland, the company developed and consolidated its business inthe internal market, during its first decade.

From the year 2000 onwards, Tecnimil began its international promotion. The agreement with BÜHLER ceased in June 2005 and Tecnimil guided its actions to the development of integrated solutions, based on the know-how and experience acquired, and offering turnkey solutions in national and export markets.

Currently, Tecnimil works not only in Portugal, but also in external markets, that represent more than 50% of the turnover.

The company has representatives in most relevant foreign markets and a subsidiary in Angola.

Our vision

To be recognized in the Agro-industry sector for the merit of its solutions, thus guaranteeing the satisfaction of our Customers and the growth of Tecnimil.

Our mission

To contribute to the competitiveness of our Customers, developing and executing operational solutions of excellent quality, perceived and thus favor the economic and financial sustainability of Tecnimil.

To continuously promote and improve the Company's knowledge and technology in order to achieve a highly qualified and committed team of professionals.

Our values

Tecnimil develops its activity based on the following values:

  • Trust: our services offer unquestionable trust (commitment to reach results).
  • Nonconformity: it is always possible to do better; innovation is part of our daily lives.
  • Suitability: translated in the respect of principles of ethics and professional deontology, through the transparency and rigorous fulfillment of the commitments.
  • Development of human talents: value superior performances.